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J. Willard Marriott Library Safety Committee

Ian Godfrey, Assistant Dean and library Facilities Director - Committee Chair

Scott Bigler

Library Operations & Protection Services Manager

Thomas James (TJ) Ferrill

Assistant Head of Creative Spaces


Michelle Gollehon

Digital Operations Coordinator


Anugun Kerdpocha

Facilities MANAGER


Marnie Powers-Torrey

Head Book Arts Program


Randy Silverman

Head Preservation & Binding


The Marriott Library Safety Committee’s primary purpose is to promote a culture of safety. Safety is a broad topic that encompasses research, field work, and day-to-day operations. The safety committee’s work intends to prevent or minimize workplace injuries and illnesses through the development and implementation of regulatory practices. The committee seeks to engage with managers, employees, students, and other patrons to create and maintain safe environments in the field, lab, office, group spaces, and even during personal time. Collectively employing safe practices results in great efficiency, improved productivity, higher quality research, and a shared, enhanced sense of well-being.
Last Updated: 6/7/21